Our Quality

Clean Containers–the perfect combination of value and performance

The production of high value-added pharmaceutical products and aseptic and safe food and beverage requires high quality clean containers. The key to producing high quality clean containers is superior productivity, high quality materials, high precision machining, precise quality control and inspiring design: aseptic operation, dead end design, integrated CIP/SIP High quality components, clean and easy to operate monitoring system.
The clean container can be either a stand-alone unit or an automated process unit, installed as a functional module on the customer's site, including: agitation, homogenization, dispersion, measurement, and control unit, valve and piping connections. Qiangzhong Machinery can provide all kinds of clean containers that meet the requirements of bio-pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and fine chemical processes. We have D1/D2 pressure vessel manufacturing qualifications, professional design and manufacturing team and mature manufacturing process, which can help customers choose the right process equipment, fully guarantee the safety and reliability of your products, and ensure efficient use.

Welding and Weld Treatment–The Process of Excellence

The quality of the tank is determined by the welding and weld processing techniques used in the manufacturing process. Weld strength and post-treatment quality ensure tank life and operational efficiency. 
Qiangzhong Machinery uses high quality stainless steel to make the tank. These metal materials have very stringent requirements for welding and weld processing techniques to ensure that the tank is intact and has a long service life and stability. Qiangzhong Machinery has experienced welders with very stable welding quality and high repeatability. The welding process is monitored throughout the entire process using the latest automated welding technology on the market.
The latest automatic welding technology monitors the welding process throughout. 

Welding quality assurance

automatic welding, MIG/TIG welding 
automatic welding room temperature and humidity control, dust control 
sample material, thickness and welding current control 
high purity argon gas protection welding 
automatic welding record 

Quality control and testing

process all tanks Strict quality checks must be performed. These inspections are an
important part of the FAT process and the relevant documents will be entered into the FAT file and eventually submitted to the customer. The FAT test items that the customer can request include: 
• Material inspection 
• Surface roughness Inspection and measurement 
• Heating, cooling test 
• Riboflavin test 
• Electrical test such as: stirring test, vibration test, noise test, etc.