Seasoning production equipment


Qiangzhong extraction tank equipment, the tank body is made of high quality stainless steel material, suitable for atmospheric pressure, micro pressure, water decoction, warm immersion, heat reflux, forced circulation leakage, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent in traditional Chinese medicine, food and chemical industries. Recycling and other process operations, with high efficiency, easy operation and so on.

The customer purchases the extraction tank equipment for the production of bone flavoring. The bone flavoring is the deep processing of the animal bone. The collagen, oil, minerals and other nutrients in the bone are extracted from the bone of the animal. After separation and concentration and reaction, a suitable bone flavoring is obtained. Bone flavoring can be seen everywhere in life. It is widely used in seasoning bags, sauces, snack foods and cooking in instant noodles. It is used to enhance or enhance the flavor and protein content of the products. The extraction of animal bones can be better. The use of nutrients in the meat bones can also improve the taste and flavor of the food. The extraction tank plays a very important role in the production of bone flavoring. The extraction of bone flavoring first needs to pre-treat the meat bone of the animal, and then extract the pulverized material, extract, concentrate and dry to obtain the final product. Customers in the purchase of equipment from cans, too many contact equipment company, and finally the strong loyalty of Science and Technology, is because the extraction tank equipment, strong technical staff on customer loyalty production volume, operating hours, and was strong loyalty consulting material properties All parameters were asked, and a professional configuration scheme was recommended for the customer’s parameters. The professionalism and carefulness of Qiangzhong Technology also make customers trust the strong loyalty of the extraction tank equipment. At present, Qiangzhong Technology’s extraction tank equipment has been put into the production line of bone flavoring products, and the customers are very satisfied with the extraction tank equipment.

Post time: Apr-01-2019