How to process paint with high shear emulsifier [qiangzhong Machinery]

Qiangzhong Machinery ] The high-shear emulsifier adopts a specially designed combination of rotor and stator. Under the high-speed drive of the motor, the material to be processed is sucked into the rotor and subjected to hundreds of thousands of shearing actions in a short time. During the shearing process, the material is split, pulverized and dispersed under the centrifugal friction and high-speed impact in the precise gap between the rotor and the stator. At the same time, due to the strong kinetic energy of the high-frequency machine, the materials of different properties form a strong hydraulic shear. The liquid layer rubs and tears and collides, so that the material is fully dispersed, emulsified, homogenized and dissolved. After the material falls out from the rotating stator assembly at a high speed, the emulsifier is equipped with a redirecting device to further enhance the dispersion emulsification effect.

The paint production process refers to the process of transferring or converting raw materials and semi-finished products into finished paints, which are generally chemical unit operation processes such as mixing, conveying, dispersing and filtering. Usually, depending on the type of product and its processing characteristics, first select the appropriate grinding and dispersing machine equipment, and then determine the basic process mode.

The production of the coating is mainly the dispersion process of the pigment. In order to add the pigment to the base material to make the color paint, it is necessary to disperse the aggregate particles of the pigment, so that the pigment particles are separated from each other to be evenly distributed in the coating to form a colloidal suspension. body. The dispersion of pigments in a liquid medium not only affects the color and aesthetics of the coating, but also affects the physical properties of the coating such as adhesion, durability and storage stability. However, due to the large molecular attraction, the pigment aggregates are relatively strong and difficult to disperse. The dispersion of the pigment is usually carried out using a high shear emulsifier . In the high shear emulsifier, the aggregate of the pigment is subjected to shearing force, grinding force, etc., so that the pigment particles are uniformly dispersed in the liquid medium.


Post time: Apr-01-2019